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Monday, October 10, 2011

How I met and got into OS


As promised, I told you that I would write about How I met OS earlier didn't I. Well, here I am writing it.

           It all started when Ameera was upset with her friends - Khal, Ira and Haifa but I didn't know why. She said she didn't know why neither. Well, odd, but who knows if she kept something from me. It's okay. We weren't bestfriends back then.

           I saw her having recess all by herself. I knew feeling alone sucks so I asked her where are her friends and she said she didn't know so I asked her to join me and  she did. We had good times and I was so excited that I was finally getting a close friend that is always on the same page as me but at the same time I don't want her and her friends to lose each other so I tried to rebond them.

            One Friday, she said she wanted to be friends again with her friends and asked me how and I gave her ridiculous ideas. Her friends called me and asked me about her and I told them what she said. I brought her to meet her friends and they were all-gody again. Yay!!! Actually, I was feeling a bit awful at the thought of losing her but seeing them so happy together I was happier.

           To my delight, they always invite me to have recess with them, they always 'disturb' me(I love their disturbance)..... As a result, we had many quality times spent together. At last, I had officially joined OS. They are the greatest friends you can ever imagine you know. Cool, kind, supportive, being together in many situations, SHARING FOOD TOGEHTER(the best part because it's like we're having buffet wink* XD)

OS: * Khal
       * Ira
       * Haifa
       * Hidayah
       * Ameera
       * Me

          Now I am in the band with them and I hope we could be like this forever. Yeah, we couldn't stay kids all the time but you know what I mean to say. I just wanto you to know that they are some of the people that I feel grateful they are born and met me. Others who I feel grateful to Allah for bringing them to me are my mum and dad, my aunt, my grandma, grandpa, siblings, my other aunts and uncles, my cousins and all my family members and my other close friends and  my cats(should I tell you the names? I think it's best if you know yourself if you are one of them). If YOU are one of them and IS READING this, I love you always, I hope we will always keep in touch and tell me if you've changed phone numbers.

                                                                                  Kthanks for reading, Bye,

                                                                                        Mizz Bubblez

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things that just happened in my life

hey. ( x de mood nk ckp yo! oops! terckp pulak )

Okay, what did I want to tell you? Wait a second, oh ya, I want to tell you that I am going to be in a band! I am going to be in a band! And guess what I will be? The electric guitarist! Can you believe it? Me neither because I thought it will always be a dream. Well, maybe I do get what I want sometimes. I had loved guitar for about a century ago (jkjkjk but you know what I mean) but I just want to learn to play the piano first. I said to my mother that I want to play the guitar after playing the piano and she said okay but now I need to be in a band, I have to study both at the same time.

I am going to attend an intensive class during the school holidays I guess. At the moment, I am trying to learn to play it by myself through books and youtube. One of my bestfriends, even lent me her father's book. Let me promote her blog because she is kind to me- My mum asked my dad to teach me at weekends but I don't know if my mum was joking or if she really meant it. Yes, my dad plays the guitar and so do my brother. They are learning to play the classical guitar by the way. After this, we are going to play the electric. So, we could be the 'Electric Trio' or whatever.

My dad says that our band could perform at his office on special events. That is so dream come 'true-ing' <-this word does not exists okay.

I forgot to tell you something. There is a new cat in my house. It is 6 months but it is even bigger that Shana. Of course Shana was very angry with him. Leon was too only Ame was okay but the cat does not like him. He stays in the house. I know it is not fair because Shana and kids stay outside but I am not the owner of the house. Plus, if Shana meets Timo Tomy Ninja(the new cat. I know it is too long but I call him using all those names wink*)=fight+injured+Ninja will run away and come back at night. It had already happened and I was so afraid he will never come back but he did. That was a relief.


Bad habit that I do not like: He likes to lick people or I believe it is sucking other people's clothes because when he does, my clothes would get wet. Ughh!!! The most unfavourite part.

His favourite pastime: Biting people.

His favourite place to sleep: At the laundry. Fortunately, he had never been mistaken with the laundry (astaghfirullah.... I do not want that to happen)

His favourite place to sit when he is awake: On and under my grandpa's bed (grandpa does not like cats by the way)

Type of cat: Persian/Parsian (????? wtvr I dunno)

What else: Okay lets call it a day because it is already 2.23 AM and I HAVE too sleep!!!

                                                                                                 Mizz Bubblez

Coming soon -------> How I met and got into OS. I thought I'd be lonely throughout the year....
                     -------> Friends I want to meet for reunion

                                       What is it? When? That I do not know. It will be revealed when it is time.                                   (ceeeehhhh, ayat.....)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Always in memory: Ben


Dah berabad tak buka blog. I've got loads of things to tell you guys.

         Guess what, Ben died in a car accident. The car was so fast. I was one of the person who saw the accident. You wouldn't know what I felt unless you've been through the same circumstances. The kittens were playing near the road and the car door was opened so my mum yelled to my brother to shut it. He shut it. Unfortunately, Ben ran towards the road and the car was approaching and BAM! it all happened...
I should've grabbed him. I don't know why I was stupid at that particular time.

        We put him aside and left him to die in peace. Actually, it was about 8.30 pm, so me, my brothers, and neighbour kept him accompanied until about 10 something. Eventually, he died at about 11. It was sooo menyayat hati, MENYAYAT is all the remaining kittens and the mother went and called for Ben. Of course he wouldn't answer. Actually, he was like in a comma at about 9.30 or something.

       Never mind, memang dah sampai ajal dia. It's okay because he/she'll go to heaven. I buried him the next morning at 8 o'clock. A tear escaped and landed on his grave. It's okay, I've cried a lot. I'd let it all out so now I won't cry anymore. Aku redha dengan ketentuan-Nya.

Now, I've got more things to do. Leon's leg is injured and I and my siblings and whoever that treats him/her are the veterinarians and nurses. Hey, maybe I should be a veterinarian so that I could save cats and animals from terseksa and get animals to be happy. Maybe.... 

                                                                                           Love Ben always,
                                                                                                      Mizz Bubblez

In my heart,
Sora, Ben, Ame, Leon and Shana. I love you guys sooooo much!!! You brought joy to my life.