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Friday, September 16, 2011

If there's bad there's gotta be good, if there's sad there's gotta be happy

15/9/2011. I was taken aback when I just got home from school at 7 pm and my aunt told me that all of my cats were left at a market near our house. I was so sad. I didn't cry but deep inside I felt like something was missing, like something was wrong. I missed them so much. My brother cried on my shoulder. He was so sad. I was too but I knew that Shana can find their way home.

16/9/2011. I am sooo sad. First reason,I have some problems. Second, coz I missed our cats. I tried to create a song for them but it isn't finished. While I was thinking about myself, my problems and Shana, I wanted to cry bu I held my tears back coz I was at the dining table. I won't cry in front of people.

That night, midnight actually, about 12 o'clock, my aunt suddenly called me to go downstairs quickly. She told me shana was home. I went outside and she started to made circles around me. I bet she was so hungry after her long journey. She was back with one of her kittens which was Leon. Now, I'm upstairs and I'm extremely happy. My grandpa said shana'd just went out to get her 3more kittens. I knew she'd come back.I'm going to surprise my brother 2morrow!

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