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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Boo the Bear :D

As I promised, today I will start to tell your crafts that I've done. Today it's about:

How To Make A Teddy Bear

You will need:-

-> A cloth - as how big you want your teddy to be and any colour!
-> 4 buttons - 2 for the eyes and another 2 is optional
-> A ribbon - also optional

-> A thread - make sure its the same colour with the cloth
-> A needle - don't leave it all over the world like I did :P silly me
-> Scissors - keep out of reach of children and infants
-> some pincushions (jarum peniti)
-> A table that receives light so you won't be damaging your precious eyes
-> A piece of paper

P/S: Addition:-
-> Permission from parents or adults
-> Adult supervision for children

OK, now we've got everything we need

 so the first step is

Draw a template for the bear and here's one. It's the easiest that I've found

This is the back-left template. As written there, turn it over for the back-right.

This is the front-right template
 Turn over for front-left.

!. Now, draw it on a piece of paper as big as you want and no bigger than your cloth. There's no specific measurement in the book so I just drew it. Make sure you have the curves similar to the template shown.

Tip 1#: Draw the front-right template like this and then cut it out. Then draw another clone of it and cut it out. Just cut the nose so it'll be more like the back one. (see the back template before cutting okay) Label front-left/ front-right.

These are my cut templates

Step 2:

Pin them to the cloth and cut them (front-right and left and back-right and left) so now you should end up with four pieces.

Step 3:
Pin the fronts together and sew them using backstitch.  Do the same to the back templates leaving a hole from point C to D to stuff the bear later.

Step 4:
Now, pin the front side to the back side and them together.

Step 5:
Embroider a nose for the bear(that's what I did) or easier just sew a button for it later. Then, stuff the bear.

Step 6:
Sew the buttons for eyes and if you want you could sew some button on his body just for fun. If your bear looks weird-kind of neckless, tie a ribbon at where its neck should be.

Yeah. I know. My grandmother said it looks like it has eyes disease but actually I want it to look like the characters in the movie coraline.

                                                                                                 With Love,
                                                                                                      Mizz Bubblez :D

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Some changes that will happen :)

Assalamualaikum and hi again,

Just dropping by to tell you about the changes I'm going to make and thank you for all the people that supports my blog. Be my follower if you like this blog :)

Now it's holiday!!! I'm soo happy because finally I'm having some rest so this means that I will have much free time. Since I love art and making crafts, I'm going to turn this blog into Art Splash and post about crafts that I will do this holiday. I hope they will be boredom busters, fun to do and useful things.You could do it with your friends, family and etc. Enjoy!

                                                                                    With enthuasiasm and love,
                                                                                                    Mizz Bubblez :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just toying around with words


You know,
Time flies,
Age adds up,
People changed,
New friends met,
Old friends keep in touch,
Old bestfriends building up a brick wall between them,
Old friends not getting along after meeting new ones,
That's life for me,
Sunshine lit up the dark parts of my life,
And the shadow darken the happy moments of life,
To test ourselves,
To toughen our hearts,
And balance life.

Have you ever felt?
The feeling of when someone hurts you but not purposely?
When someone took place where you're supposed to be?
Where you would feel belonged to?
When someone attracted all the atteniton that's supposed to be given to you?
The attention that you've been wanting for?
When someone gets more than you get but you're the one hoping for it?
Like when you're climbing up a mountain with bare hands to get a diamond
And someone came with a helicopter and took it before you do? 
When that someone distracted your bestfriend just to get you to hear what she wants to say?
Just for her own good and selfishness,
When you want to spend time with your distracted bestfriend,
When you don't hate that someone,
But you can't stand her,
And you don't want to hurt her,
But you can't avoid that someone,
What would you do?
What could be done?

It's a word that's meaning is too many too explain,
It could be the one who's just moved next to your house,
It could be the one who's nice at school,
It could be the beautiful girl next door,
It could be the bank robber,
It could be the one who broke your heart,
It could be the one you call an enemy,
It could be the one you call a stranger,
It could be the one that serves you at a cafe,
But the best someone is
The one that you love,
The one that had helped you,
The one that would share tears and laughter with you,
The one that would lend you an ear when you need one,
The one that would help you glue back the pieces of your heart if it ever breaks,
The one that would always be there when you need her/him,
The one that you're willing to do the same,
It could be the one that is called FRIEND.

   With confusion,hatred,love,sadness,happiness,unsatisfaction and etc.
Mizz Bubblez


Last Raya Aidiladha eve, when I was with my cousins Suraya and Hamzah stalking Hamzah's blog :P, (stalk dpn org :P. well, kita kenalah jujur kn)  Sakinah saw a mouse that ran under her chair. She told us there was a mouse and suddenly the whole room(which was filled with kids and teenagers) turned into a chaos. Amrul purposely said the mouse was her! and then there! and then the whole room screamed and tried to run.

I said enough and they stopped. We tried to shoo the mouse out of the room becuause we were afraid that it would bite us when we were asleep. It was dark-coloured and I think it's about as long as your hand.(p/s:not arm okay.)

The children told the adults but they ignored us so we took our own initiatives and took a broom to shove it out. It was under the bed at the moment. Hamzah tried to shove it out but then he shoved to hard so the broom slided under the bed no one was brave enough to take it out. I tried but I didn't know how to get it out. Lastly, we set up a mouse trap. And then, went to perform the prayer.

Next, I tried to take out the broom out again and successed. Then,  Pak Cik Din came to the rescue. He managed to get the mouse out but it ran to the back of a cupboard and dissapeared. My mum said it went to the roof and she said the mice must've made a hole behind the cupboard as a shortcut to get there.

Well, then I think that's all.

People in the 'mission'

If somebody is not listed. Sorry. :P

Yours Truly,
Mizz Bubblez

Monday, October 10, 2011

How I met and got into OS


As promised, I told you that I would write about How I met OS earlier didn't I. Well, here I am writing it.

           It all started when Ameera was upset with her friends - Khal, Ira and Haifa but I didn't know why. She said she didn't know why neither. Well, odd, but who knows if she kept something from me. It's okay. We weren't bestfriends back then.

           I saw her having recess all by herself. I knew feeling alone sucks so I asked her where are her friends and she said she didn't know so I asked her to join me and  she did. We had good times and I was so excited that I was finally getting a close friend that is always on the same page as me but at the same time I don't want her and her friends to lose each other so I tried to rebond them.

            One Friday, she said she wanted to be friends again with her friends and asked me how and I gave her ridiculous ideas. Her friends called me and asked me about her and I told them what she said. I brought her to meet her friends and they were all-gody again. Yay!!! Actually, I was feeling a bit awful at the thought of losing her but seeing them so happy together I was happier.

           To my delight, they always invite me to have recess with them, they always 'disturb' me(I love their disturbance)..... As a result, we had many quality times spent together. At last, I had officially joined OS. They are the greatest friends you can ever imagine you know. Cool, kind, supportive, being together in many situations, SHARING FOOD TOGEHTER(the best part because it's like we're having buffet wink* XD)

OS: * Khal
       * Ira
       * Haifa
       * Hidayah
       * Ameera
       * Me

          Now I am in the band with them and I hope we could be like this forever. Yeah, we couldn't stay kids all the time but you know what I mean to say. I just wanto you to know that they are some of the people that I feel grateful they are born and met me. Others who I feel grateful to Allah for bringing them to me are my mum and dad, my aunt, my grandma, grandpa, siblings, my other aunts and uncles, my cousins and all my family members and my other close friends and  my cats(should I tell you the names? I think it's best if you know yourself if you are one of them). If YOU are one of them and IS READING this, I love you always, I hope we will always keep in touch and tell me if you've changed phone numbers.

                                                                                  Kthanks for reading, Bye,

                                                                                        Mizz Bubblez

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things that just happened in my life

hey. ( x de mood nk ckp yo! oops! terckp pulak )

Okay, what did I want to tell you? Wait a second, oh ya, I want to tell you that I am going to be in a band! I am going to be in a band! And guess what I will be? The electric guitarist! Can you believe it? Me neither because I thought it will always be a dream. Well, maybe I do get what I want sometimes. I had loved guitar for about a century ago (jkjkjk but you know what I mean) but I just want to learn to play the piano first. I said to my mother that I want to play the guitar after playing the piano and she said okay but now I need to be in a band, I have to study both at the same time.

I am going to attend an intensive class during the school holidays I guess. At the moment, I am trying to learn to play it by myself through books and youtube. One of my bestfriends, even lent me her father's book. Let me promote her blog because she is kind to me- My mum asked my dad to teach me at weekends but I don't know if my mum was joking or if she really meant it. Yes, my dad plays the guitar and so do my brother. They are learning to play the classical guitar by the way. After this, we are going to play the electric. So, we could be the 'Electric Trio' or whatever.

My dad says that our band could perform at his office on special events. That is so dream come 'true-ing' <-this word does not exists okay.

I forgot to tell you something. There is a new cat in my house. It is 6 months but it is even bigger that Shana. Of course Shana was very angry with him. Leon was too only Ame was okay but the cat does not like him. He stays in the house. I know it is not fair because Shana and kids stay outside but I am not the owner of the house. Plus, if Shana meets Timo Tomy Ninja(the new cat. I know it is too long but I call him using all those names wink*)=fight+injured+Ninja will run away and come back at night. It had already happened and I was so afraid he will never come back but he did. That was a relief.


Bad habit that I do not like: He likes to lick people or I believe it is sucking other people's clothes because when he does, my clothes would get wet. Ughh!!! The most unfavourite part.

His favourite pastime: Biting people.

His favourite place to sleep: At the laundry. Fortunately, he had never been mistaken with the laundry (astaghfirullah.... I do not want that to happen)

His favourite place to sit when he is awake: On and under my grandpa's bed (grandpa does not like cats by the way)

Type of cat: Persian/Parsian (????? wtvr I dunno)

What else: Okay lets call it a day because it is already 2.23 AM and I HAVE too sleep!!!

                                                                                                 Mizz Bubblez

Coming soon -------> How I met and got into OS. I thought I'd be lonely throughout the year....
                     -------> Friends I want to meet for reunion

                                       What is it? When? That I do not know. It will be revealed when it is time.                                   (ceeeehhhh, ayat.....)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Always in memory: Ben


Dah berabad tak buka blog. I've got loads of things to tell you guys.

         Guess what, Ben died in a car accident. The car was so fast. I was one of the person who saw the accident. You wouldn't know what I felt unless you've been through the same circumstances. The kittens were playing near the road and the car door was opened so my mum yelled to my brother to shut it. He shut it. Unfortunately, Ben ran towards the road and the car was approaching and BAM! it all happened...
I should've grabbed him. I don't know why I was stupid at that particular time.

        We put him aside and left him to die in peace. Actually, it was about 8.30 pm, so me, my brothers, and neighbour kept him accompanied until about 10 something. Eventually, he died at about 11. It was sooo menyayat hati, MENYAYAT is all the remaining kittens and the mother went and called for Ben. Of course he wouldn't answer. Actually, he was like in a comma at about 9.30 or something.

       Never mind, memang dah sampai ajal dia. It's okay because he/she'll go to heaven. I buried him the next morning at 8 o'clock. A tear escaped and landed on his grave. It's okay, I've cried a lot. I'd let it all out so now I won't cry anymore. Aku redha dengan ketentuan-Nya.

Now, I've got more things to do. Leon's leg is injured and I and my siblings and whoever that treats him/her are the veterinarians and nurses. Hey, maybe I should be a veterinarian so that I could save cats and animals from terseksa and get animals to be happy. Maybe.... 

                                                                                           Love Ben always,
                                                                                                      Mizz Bubblez

In my heart,
Sora, Ben, Ame, Leon and Shana. I love you guys sooooo much!!! You brought joy to my life.

Friday, September 16, 2011

If there's bad there's gotta be good, if there's sad there's gotta be happy

15/9/2011. I was taken aback when I just got home from school at 7 pm and my aunt told me that all of my cats were left at a market near our house. I was so sad. I didn't cry but deep inside I felt like something was missing, like something was wrong. I missed them so much. My brother cried on my shoulder. He was so sad. I was too but I knew that Shana can find their way home.

16/9/2011. I am sooo sad. First reason,I have some problems. Second, coz I missed our cats. I tried to create a song for them but it isn't finished. While I was thinking about myself, my problems and Shana, I wanted to cry bu I held my tears back coz I was at the dining table. I won't cry in front of people.

That night, midnight actually, about 12 o'clock, my aunt suddenly called me to go downstairs quickly. She told me shana was home. I went outside and she started to made circles around me. I bet she was so hungry after her long journey. She was back with one of her kittens which was Leon. Now, I'm upstairs and I'm extremely happy. My grandpa said shana'd just went out to get her 3more kittens. I knew she'd come back.I'm going to surprise my brother 2morrow!

Mizz bubbles

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shana! Ame! Leon! Sora! Ben!

Assalamualaikum and hiya,

Raya is just around the corner and Ramadhan's ending... Sad,isn't it? So this is the only chance left for us to make as much ibadah as we can. Selamat beribadah dan selamat berbuka puasa. Jgn puasa yangyok tau!

   As you can see the title is "Shana! Ame! Leon! Sora! Ben!" so I'll tell you what are they. They're cats!

Shana:-the mother
          -has shiny black fur.She's gorgeous fur you know.
          -very tame(always come and make a circle round me when she sees me
          -she's always hungry
          -very kind.Howdo I know she's kind? When my lil' cousin held and pressed her tail she didn't bite or  scratch 
Ame:-one of the cute lil' kittens
        -a little timid and afraid of people
        -very tame with people if you're a pro
        -loves to sleep on my lap
        -tanggungjawab aq
        -a brave one
        -loves to sleep on my lap
        -it'smy brother's job to take care of him/her (tanggungjawab dia la maksudnya)
Sora:-active, can't sit still
        -loves to sleep in the shoe rack 
        -sleeps like a log
        -tanggungjawab neighbour aq 
Ben:-active like Sora
       -tanggungjawab adik susuan aq(which is also my neighbour)
       -loves to sleep at the shoe rack

     Shana is pure black,Ame is black on the back till its front feet and white on the stomache, Leon looks kind of like Ame(people always confuse which is which). Sora and Ben is orange and brown but Sora is white on the stomach.I'll put their pictures if I have time.

     I really liked it when Shana came to my grandparent's house and gave birth to 4 cute and healthy kittens.I've always wanted to have cats as pets but my parents won't let me, so good thing Shana gave birth here and nobody shooed them away from our house. I never want them to be removed from my life and I hope that they'll always stay here. Shana is named from my name + my neighbour's name. That's why you might never heard that name before.Anyways, I think I'll saygood-bye to you.

Ok goodbye now,
Mizz Bubblez
See you later


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am FRUST !!!!!!!! Arghhhhh

Okay, I'm so stressed out now. oh yeah,I forgot:assalamualaikum and helllo world!
I'm frustrated@stressed coz:-

Reason number one :/
I got B in Science. I want 8As dude! Arghhh!!!

Reason number two:/
I'm stuck in a group with a cute and extremely kind girl, so far not so stress right? At least I have a good friend with me in our group....BUT!(I know, grammar's broken here but I guess it doesn't matter is it?) I have this annoying boy in our group and I'm totally annoyed to the extreme!!!!!! Oh, why did teacher put him into our group? Worse, there're only 3 persons I a group-so you know yourself. OMG!!! Okay, relax.... Everything will be fine. (If that's is going to happen but I hope it will be fine.

Reason number three:/
I've to conduct a Malay choral speaking when I've just entered ONLY ONE choral speaking. How could I do that? Trust myself. I could do this. Come on Bubblez!

Huh.... School is so tiring. So does being a monitor assistant. Wowweee I'd never thought form one would be like this. okay. I better start searching for infos for the group presentation and the choral speaking coz we have to prepare our very own text which must be handed on this Fridaaaaaaay!!!! Okay. I have to calm down I guess. Let's call it a post right now.

K bye
Mizz Bubblez (yg tgh serabutz niz hehez. Good thing I now have Shana, Ame, Sora, Leon and Ben. They make my head less miserable but I'll tell you bout that later. Talk with you later)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Right now

Assalamualaikum and hye,

I don't know what I'm feeling know. Some kind of regrets, sad, jealous, happy, feel like I want to read a book, anxious, fear and whatsoeverla. ( know I notice that I always write whatsoeverla )

I can explain one by one of it:-

Regrets *I don't know why this ramadhan I'm not changing to become a better person but it's never too late ; I can do it now.
Here are my goals: 1. Khatam al-quran
                                2. Get number one in this August test
                                3. Be better in chores and taking care of my siblings especially my new little sister(don't get me wrong that's because she'd just been born about a month ago so she needs more care).
Talking about care, I'd just seen this movie titled Tuesdays with Morrie. The movie is made based on a book and a real story. When I saw the movie, I cried. It was sad and full of moral values and whatsoeverla. Morrie, Mitch's lecture was dying and Mitch visited him every Tuesdays, he changed from being selfish and care about work more than everything else into a caring, kind and better man. Morrie said we have to love or die. It means that if we don't love it's just the same like dying. He said, if we want to forgive anyone, do it now don't wait coz it could have been too late by the time you did that. Okay. If you want to know more watch the movie or read the book.
                          Um, where was I? Oh, yeah, the goals.
                              4. Beribadah more
                              5. Use my head when I'm angry don't just be an angry bird :P
                              6. Okay, if I have more I'll list it later.

For me, Ramadhan is very special. We have to fast for a month (30days) which means we mustn't eat and drink and mustn't do anything that's forbidden during fasting from dawn(subuh) till dusk(maghrib) if I'm not wrong. My mami (aunt) said, for the first ten days, allah beri kita rahmat, for the second ten days, allah ampunkan dosa kita and for the lastt ten days, allah memberi kebebasan kepada kita daripada api neraka tapi kenalah ask for those things ye tuan2 puan2 bys, girls, babies, monsters kidding.

Okay la. my sister's cryin gotta pick her up

mizz bubblez

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I just want to say...

assalamualaikum and hye,

fuhh! busy gila aku semenjak dua menjak ni. Setelah sebulan tak buka blog, baru hari ni dapat buka. Rindu! FB pun aku buka sabtu ahad je. Kalau hari-hari biasa errmmm.... hw banyak.

Ok, I just want to wish you all selamat berpuasa, jangan ponteng puasa. Kat FB ni adala pantun kwn aq yg buat:-

anak ayam naik kuda,
es0k puase jangan lupe,
kura-kura balik pokok,
jangan makan nyorok2!!,
        Tu member aku yang buat iaitu wana. 
Hari Isnin tak cuti! Kenapa sekolah lain cuti???? Ala.... Tak syok la! Harap-harap nanti cuti raya panjang. Sebulan pun sebulan lah. Lagi lama lagi best, lagi rindu member, lagi rindu nak ada hw dan lagi seronok lepak kat rumah, lagi lama dapat main game, lagi lama dapat tengok tv, lagi lama dapat pergi jalan-jalan etc.  Kesimpulannya seronok
Okay, with lots of love and chocolates
Mizz Bubblez

Thursday, June 2, 2011

'The Moment'


          About a month ago, my friend and I had spent our most panicking and most probably my best moment at school. It all had started with my friend's carelessness. Hahha. I don't blame her fully. All of us aren't perfect, are we?

         While I and my friend, Miss World Ani ( were on our way to the school gate, she suddenly remembered that she'd left her purse in her class so we had to go back to her class which on the fourth level. It was a tiring journey, after she'd taken her purse, we went to the stairs and unluckily, the guard had locked the gate at the stairs between the first and the second floor.

         We were panicked. We called the guard . . . no answer , we called the guard again . . . still no answer. We called him a few more times but he didn't answer. We checked the other gates but they were all locked. We shouted , calling for the teachers nearby but they didn't hear us.

       Then, we saw a teacher in a car. We called him but he didn't hear us. Fortunately, there was  a boy near the teacher so we asked him to call the teacher. I felt relieved when the boy heard us and called the teacher. The teacher asked us to check all the gates. We said they were all locked. Suddenly, I felt a streak of regretion (does the word regretion even exists?) when we had just finished saying the last word of the sentence. But I didn't say a thing.

      The teacher asked us to wait for him there, I mean, where we were standing. While he was reversing his car before calling the guard, Ani and I ran to the gate which we hadn't checked earlier. IT WASN'T LOCKED!!!! We quickly told the teacher about it. We were so embarrassed. I hope the teacher didn't see our faces so he wouldn't remember us as the trapped girls when he sees us next time.

                                          One of the trapped girls(there are only 2 trapped girls at the moment I think)
Mizz Bubblez :)))

Trapped girls hahha ~ lol ~

Bruno Mars

Moshi moshi!~

Dah lama aku tak update blog ni kan? hrm... exam biasa laa... so- exam susah. Risau tapi tak kisahlah. Let bygones be bygones. Aku janji nak letak resepi kat blog sekali seminggu kot. Sekarang dah jadi sebulan sekali agaknya. Hehe :P

Ok, aku nak cakap fasal latest fav artist aku - BRUNO MARS

Sekarang ni aku tengah suka lagu Nothing on you version Bruno Mars solo(ada yang dengan B.O.B. sedap jugak tapi aku lagi selalu dengar yang Bruno solo)

Lagu Bruno yang first aku dengar ialah Just The Way You Are. Best! Time tu aku tak kenal dia pun, then asyik buka lagu tu and aku buka lagu lain. Then, terus suka lagu-lagu dia.

Antara video live dia yang best :-

Ok, some people said he's not handsome but I think he's cute and he reminds me of my a friend of mine. Rindu pulak kat kawan-kawan lama. Time darjah 4 rapat jugak, then makin lama makin berenggang. Form 1 pulak, semua dah teenager, situation dah lain.  I miss zaman kanak-kanak... macamlah I act like a teenager sangat. Ok, maybe sometimes. Dah la amende la aku merepek meraban ni. Sambung.

Lagi satu, Bruno Mars punya suara sedap, dia boleh nyanyi note tinggi and dia boleh mendalami dan menghayati lagu macam long distance tu. Sebenarnya, lagu long distance tu lagu Brandy, dia buat demo. Demo pun dia menghayati. Rasa sedih bila aku dengar lagu tu(sebab dia menghayati lagu). Sama gak ngan lagu talking to the moon (fav song).

Seriuosly, I'm wondering, am I talking to you about my fav artist? I mean, telling or writing. I could use this for my essay or speech in an oral test if I'll be having another oral test.

Oklah. Lagi banyak aku tulis, lagi banyak aku merepek.

                                                                                       Bruno Mars fan,
                                                  Mizz Bubblez <3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yo! Whatsup?


Yo! Guys!

Know what had happened just now? Ok, If you don't wanna know, don't read this and if you do, continue reading. :P Warning: IT MAY BE BORING :P hehe

This is what i ate for dinner:-

1) Rice with BIG PRAWNS
2) Char Kuew Tiow<--- dari sini je dah tahu yang aq dah terlebih makan kan?
3)Air tebu
4)Vanilla pudding
5)Tau Foo Fah

I think I'd over eaten. Thank goodness I didn't have any stomachaches. I hope I'm having a balanced diet because I like just the way I am. I just love my skinny self, my cheeky-self and whatever.

Affects of eating those things:-
1) I was not hungry until the next morning.
2) I was not following rasulullah sunnah(eat before you're hungry and stop eating before we're full)
3) hmmm... lagi apa ek? Lu pikirla sendiri :P

Okay, I think that's all. It's already late now. Bye bye.

 Mizz Bubblez                          

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jom masak!-very easy pancake recipe

Assalamualaikum and hye,

Apa kata kalau kita letak resepi kt sini setiap minggu sekali atau dua kali?

   Jom try resepi senang ini! Sedap tau! Aku and kwn rapat aq dah try dah. Sedap!!! Kitorg letak chocolate syrup(buat sendiri).

Ok, first prepare these:-


* A cup of flour(wheat flour I think. Wheat flour tepung gandum kan? :P)
* A spoon of sugar
* Half teaspoon of salt
# an egg
# 1/4 cup of milk

Prepare the batter:-

1) Mix the * ingredients and make a hole in the middle of it.
2) Put the # ingredients in the hole and stirr well.

3) Then, heat a pan and buter instead of cooking oil and pour the batter into the pan. Cook until golden.:)))

 Tadaaaa!!!! Dah siap pun. Yummy! Dari kiteasyik t]duduk depan komputer online, baik kita masak.Perut kenyang. Effect pun sama-gemuk hehe (kalau selalu sangat. Tu pun kalau tak jaga)

Ok,selamat mencuba! And kalau gemuk jangan salahkan aku!!!XPPPP hehe

                 Love, Mizz Bubblez

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spongebob Squarepants

and assalamualaikum!


Have u ever watched it? Do you want tu watch it? Do u really2 want 2 watch it?10x?!!!!

well ok


Hahha! Poor Squidward.

Ja ma ta :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what's this?!!???

WARNING! pregnant women, kids and people who cannot stand watching this, don't watch!


I'm not going to say serve japan right nor this is the reason why japan was hit by the tsunami. I just want you to know that people are killing these animals out there and we are just sitting watching them. Can't anyone do something about this? Don't you feel pity to those dolphins??? Well,  I do! but I haven't find any way to stop this thing.

Didn't you see the dolphins suffer? Oh, I can't stand watching them being slaughtered and suffering for the last moments of their life. They didn't slaughter them properly. That's why the dolphins suffer so much. I was at the verge of tears when I saw the dolphins suffer that much. Well, actually was feeling like crying. What's the difference? :P

Well, I think this is why Allah asks us to slaughter animal using sharp things except teeth, nail (nail, the ones such as that are at your fingers) and bones. And, when slaughtering, we musn't slice the animal more than once. We have to slice once and the jugular vein and the carotid arteries must be cut. This will increase the easiness of blood coming out of the animals. This will also not let the animal to suffer before dying.

Hmm.... I wonder are dolphins halal??

                                                                              see you later,
                                                                                            mizz bubblez

To all the Japanese,I'm so sorry about your country.

 To other people, lets save them! (ceh, sejak bila aq bersemangat macam ni?) Korg semua mesti sedih dan aku percaya ada antara korg yang kata: sh**! Earthquake kat Japan!!!! (contoh). Actually tu kan takdir Allah. Korg mana boleh cakap macam tu. Kan Allah yang dah tentukan segala-galanya. Allah knows best. Mungkin itu yang terbaik. Apa yang kita oleh buat ialah doakan dan bantu mereka.

   I hope what i wrote are not untrue coz this is my point of view and i saw some people posting things in facebook such as like what I wrote. :) I'm sorry if i'm wrong and i'd be delighted if you correct me.

                                                                                                         Mizz Bubblez


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why muslims cannot keep dogs as pet


     Most people thinks that muslims canot keep dogs as pets but actually muslims Aren't  forbidden to keep dogs as pet and we have to treat dogs and pigs as we treat other animals. We cannot hit them. We cannot harm them. In fact, the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. himself had given some water to a dog.

     Actually we have to 'samak' when we touch a dog IF   the dog is wet or the person who touches it is wet or both are wet. Samak is to wash something by washing it with some water which is mixed with some soil and washing it with ordinary water 6 times or until it's clean. In Islam, there are 3 types of 'najis'. Najis is something that is dirty and cannot be used for performing ablution etc.


 Actually it's late now so I'll talk to you about this later. Conclusion- for muslims, it's not wrong if you want to keep a dog as a pet but it is not encouraged because it would be hard for you. If your dog sits at your couch and it is wet, or it peed or it licked your couch, if you prayed at the couch it will not be acceptable. I am sure your dog will lick you so you'll have to samak everytime your dog lick you.

                                                                                    Mizz Bubblez :)

Nasihat cikgu- macam mana nak hafal sejarah

Tok! Tok! TOK!


Hari ni saya nak share something. Tadi, cikgu kata kalau nak hafal sejarah kan susah. Susah kan? Kan? Kan? Hehe... Beliau kata buat tape baca nota sejarah atau kalau buat macam penglipur lara pun bagus jugak sebab kalau selalu dengar kan boleh hafal cerita tu. Letaklah background lagu. Kalau tak reti nak buat guna komputer, boleh baca sambil buka lagu kat laptop atau komputer etc. = dapatlah background lagu. XD . Hehe... Hmmm.... Dah record tu bolehlah dengar setiap hari. Insya-allah dapat hafal. :)))))


Sunday, March 6, 2011

today is my test!!!

Assalamualaikum and hi!!! :))))

Glad to see ya allz again.


        I AM PANICKING!!!!

I just wanna say that today is my test so I apologize if I did or said something wrong to you. I hope I'll pass with flying colours. Tolong doakan ye :)))) Kalau ada tips share lah :P

                                                                                       Mizz Bubblez ;D

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sekolah Menengah...

Hye guys!!

AAAArrrrrgghhhgghh!!!! Sekolah menegaaaaahhh!!! Semenjak masuk sekolah menengah ni, Aku selalu tidur lewat... Paling lambat pukul 2 am (so far). Paling awal pukul 11.30 pm kalau tak silap. Agaknya sebab apa aku tidur lambat ni ye? Nak tahu? Errmm... Kalau nak tahu aku bagitahu tapi kal au tak nak tahu aku nak bagitahu jugak. Hehe :P. Kalau bukan sebab kerja rumah a. k. a. 'homework' tu sebab apa lagi kan? Banyak sangatlah kerja rumah sekolah menengah ni... :( Sedey I... Eeeeiiii!!!! Eeeewww!!! Gedik lah. Tukar! Tukar! Sedeylahh...

Hari itu, seorang cikgu ni, beliau (beliau lah cikgu yang bagi ilmu kat kita mestilah kita snjung... :)) bagi kerja rumah yang sangat banyak tau. Tiba-tiba, seorang classmate aku kata:

Murid: Cikgu, banyak sangatlah kerja rumah
Cikgu: Apa dia?
Murid: Banyak sangat kerja rumah (less confident)           
Cikgu: Haaa??? (buat2 x dgr kot)
Murid: Tiada apa-apa cikgu

Lebih kurang macam ni lah conversation tu. Hahha.. Kesian budak itu... tapi akhirnya kita orang kenalah buat kerja rumah yang bergunung tu... :( Tapi cikgu buat macam itu pun supaya kita pandai lagipun kita dah besar. Jadi, sepatutnya kita dah reti uruskan masa untuk urusan-urusan kita. Cuma, aku masih tak dapat nak uruskan masa dengan baik lagi... huhu... Tapi kesian tau kat cikgu... Beliau penat-penat gunakan suaranya yang lunak untuk beritahu kita kerja rumah kita, penat tau nak tanda latihan yang kita dah buat... Kalau beliau bagi 3 latihan yang setiap satu latihan ada 5 soalan yg setiap satu ada 2 soalan, = 3x(5x2)=30 soalan yang belia perlu tanda. Itu pun tak termasuk berapa  buah buku yang beliau perlu tanda. Kalau ada 30 orang satu kelas, kalau beliau ajar 10 kelas, bukan ke 300 buah buku yang setiap satunya ada 30 soalan yang beliau perlu tanda? Hormatilah guru anda, sayangilah guru anda walau sesinga (segarang)mana pun guru anda. Ceehh.... Tetiba pulak termasuk dalam slot motivasi... LOL haha. Tapi ingat, buat kerja rumah on time kalau tak lagi banyak cikgu nak kena tanda.

Assalamualaikum,                                                              maaf andai ada kesalahan atau kasar bahasa  Love,
Mizz Bubblez... :) ja ma ta!                                                                      di sini sana

Monday, January 24, 2011

My own Science UPSR tips

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera,

     Siapa umurnya 10 tahun angkat tangan! Excellent! Siapa umurnya 11 angkat kaki! Good! Good! Siapa umrunya 12 tahun angkat pensel atau pen! Haaa! Tak ada pensel atau pen ya? Kalau awak tak selalu buka komputer bolehl;ah salin mana-mana maklumat penting yang ada di sini. Kalau selalu visit blog ini 6tak mahu pun tak apa. Kalau tak sudi, lantak kamulah. Siapa yang dah lebih dari 12 tahun angkat mouse! Anda boleh visit post-post yang lain kerana mungkin anda sudah mahir dengan soalan-soalan begini tetapi kalau nak baca, amat dialu-alukan. Rasanya tingkatan satu masih perlu tahu kan benda-benda macam ini? Apa-apalah.

      Tips-tips ini semuanya adalah tips-tips yang telah saya kumpul dari motivasi-motivasi, kem-kem, dan benda-benda lain yang seangkatan dengannya. Kalau ada salah silap jangan marah tapi dialu-alukan untuk membetulkan kesalahan yang ada. :) Jangan terlalu percaya dengan tips-tips ini tahu! :P Try bolehlah.

   Kalau nak dapat A, bahagian A mesti skor. Kalau tidak silap, 28-30 markah minimum. !!!!!!! WHAAATTTT???!!!! 28 MINIMUM?????!!!! Macam nak pengsan kan? Sebenarnya bahagian A tak susah sangat pun. Untuk skor bahagian A awak mesti:-

1)faham setiap bab dalam pelajaran
*Sebab itulah fokus semasa cikgu mengajar itu penting. Kalau tak faham, tanya cikgu. Kalau takut, tanyalah cikgu lain ataupun tanyalah mak, ayah atau post comment kepada saya. Manalah tahu saya boleh tolong :))

2)buat nota
*Kalau buat nota, jangan salin buku teks atau buku rujukan bulat-bulat. Ambil fakta penting sahaja. Kalau nak lebih baik, baca bab yang nak buat nota elok-elok, ingat serta faham bab tersebut. Kemudian, tanpa melihat buku, buat nota dalam bentuk peta minda dan sebagainya. Kalau ada ayat penting yang perlu diingat, tulis ayat itu sebagaimana awak memahaminya. (make sure tak salah maksud or terkeluar tajuk) 

3)buat latih tubi
*Saya yakin awak semua mesti faham maksud buat latih tubi. Kalau tak faham juga, tanyalah sesiapa... (takkanlah tak tahu? :P ) Kalau ada kawan, bolehlah buat study group buat latih tubi bersama tapi janganlah asyik main dan buang masa sahaja. Kalau ada soalan yang awak jawab lain buku bagi jawapan lain, mintaklah cikgu sains awak tolong tengokkan. Takkanlah dia nak marah pula. Kalau cikgu itu sibuk awak tak mahu bebankan dia, mintaklah kakak, abang, mak, dan ahli keluarga lain tolong terutamanya kakak atau abang yang baru lepas UPSR. Kalau dia buat  UPSR 10 tahun yang lepas tapi memori dia kuat dan cara menjawab UPSR dia sama seperti cara kita menjawab UPSR, bolehlah tanya Kalau ada ibu saudara, bapa saudara, sepupu atau sesiapa yang awak kenal itu cikgu sekolah yang mengajar sains, boleh juga minta tolong dia ajar. . 
     Berdasarkan pemerhatian saya a. k. a. my point of view, kita selalu susah hendak skor bahagian B. Betul tak? Sebenarnya, bahagian B, kita mesti tahu WTC (what to change) dan WTO (what to observe) dia. Caranya:-

1) Menurut cikgu sains fav saya peringkat sekolah (ibu saudara saya adalah guru sains terbaik peringkat dunia . Mulalah merepex aku ni.), mula-mula, cari 2 benda yang berbeza. Kalau nak cari lebih lagi bagus :).

Contoh soalan:-

Amir put two grasshoppers in two containers. He put leaves and water in both containers. Container A is an airtight container whereas cntainer B is a cage. After a few days, he found out that grasshopper in container A died.

Apa yang berbeza? 1) The presence of air (kehadiran udara - udara tiada di dalam container A iaitu airtight                                                                                   container)
                               2) The condition of the grasshoppers  (keadaan belalang - seekor hidup, seekor mati)

Apa yang datang dulu atau berlaku? Presence of air atau condition of grasshopper (belalang mati)

= Presence of air - udara tiada dulu kemudian apabila belalang tidak mendapat udara (oxygen) belalang itupun mati. Kesimpulannya the presence of air yang datang dulu. Kalau tak faham juga, boleh tanya melalui komen.
= Kesimpulannya, the presence of air adalah wtc. Wto nya adalah benda yang kita nak perhati / tengok / obsreve / measure / diy.... ehh, silap, dll (dan lain-lain). Wto eksperimen ini ialah the condition of the grasshoppers,

Sampai di sini saja. Mahir-mahirkanlah mencari wtc dan wto ya. Nanti kita sambung.

Soalan last untuk post ini (cari wtc dan wto dia) :-

1) The fourth planet from the Sun's temperature is about -25"c (kalau tak silap). The second planet from the Sun's temperature is about 100"c (main buat je jangan percaya)
 mars‑planet‑water‑nasa.jpg  planet_venus_3d_screensaver‑4114
Jawapan akan diberi pada post akan datang dan juga setelah mendapat jawapan a. k. a. komen daripada murid yang bakal menduduki UPSR(lebih kurangla).

Bye,   bye_14.gif
Mizz Bubblez :)

Friday, January 21, 2011


Kalau korg prsn larr, saya bru ltk dua ekor pengapit untuk blog nie iaitu giraffe dan spongebob tuh dan juga lagu fav saya!!!! Bestnye!!!! When I see ur face there's not athing that I would change coz girl ur amazing just the way u r!!!!! Dah! Dah! Jgn menyanyi kt sini karang hujan lbih baik korg dgr suara dye yg sdp tuh drpd dgr suara saya hehe XD mcm dgr je :P...,r:13,s:63&biw=1024&bih=578

My trip to Egypt

Assalamualaikum and hi guys!

Kan saya janji nk crita tntg pngalamn saya waktu kt slh satu trip saya knn kalau da rmi follower? Walaupun x rmi followers, saya akn ttp crita jugakk untuk memeriahkn blog ni. hehe :p tpi ada smbungan lahh sbb x bnyk follower, so, kalau i crita sama je mcm crita kt dinding coz x de sapa yg nk baca knnn?

Waktu tuh flight delay so kitorg kene duduk kt hotel klia-Pan Pacific Hotel!!!! tpi dok skjp jer :(... Mknn2 yg ada semuanya sedap2 belaka! (mknn saja! hehe :P) Ada ice-cream! Ada desert chocolate2! Desert dye mcm mknn2 yg ada kt rumh yg made of  candies, chocolates, bla3x yg ada kt dlm crita Hansel and Gretel tuh. Hmmmm.... Mmg gila2 sdplahh!!! Bnyk kali mkn!

Hrmm... Lif dye... Ha! Lif dye cpt tutup tau! Kene hati2. Bila org nk kluar kene tkn button [< >] yg ada dlm lif tuh. alaa.... yg untuk bukak lif lahh... ada skli tuh beg trsekat. haha! slalu sgt tkn button [< >] tuh smntara org laen kluar then lari kluar lif. hahha! klkr! mcm budk kecil! mmg pun waktu tu masih kanak2! Skrg da x!!!! X sukanya arghhh!!!! Tpi SAYA MASIH MUDA ya!!!

Tmpt msuk hotel dye knn, besaaaaaarrr sgt! Mmg mewah gilerrr2 lahh!! (saya mmg jakon dgn hotel yg mwh2 bgini, maklumlahh saya x slalu g hotel yg mwh2) Tmpt nk duduk sofa yg sdp plak tuh!!! Best gilerr!!! Bilik pulakk. Bilik dia saaaaannngggaaaaat lahh best! Ada burung kt tingkap waktu tuh. Kitorg amik gbr dye. Kitorg tu ialah saya, mak sedara dan juga nenek iaitu org2 yg mmbawa say ke Korea. atau lebih tpt, nenek yg bawa, mak sedara pulakk memegang jwtn tukg jaga syaye yg juga turut dipegang oleh nenek saya. hehe. Sporting kann nenek saya? Best dpt nenek camnih!!! Sporting! Awet muda! (ceeewah! Kalau nenek saya baca nie, kembang smangkuk hidung dye :P) APa lgi? mmg wjr untuk dinobatkn sbgi nenek pling best and cool! i mean sporting! whatever lahh! Yg penting BEST GRANDMOTHER! I LOVE YOU WAWAN! (wawan adalah nama panggilan nenek saya. nnti saya crita sjrh disebalik nama panggilan itu hehe :))

Okay untuk skrg cuma prjlnn saja! nnti2 bru saya crita tntg kt Korea. Nak tunggu follower brtmbh dan nk ajr camner nk wat stand sponge frame tuh :). Sorry 2 keep you waiting but sapa suruh x jdi my follower? hehe.. kidding. actuallly i just want 2 hiburkn u allz dgn my blog and juga bantu mnyelamtkn bumi dgn mengurangkan mpembuangan sampah yang org lain lakukn through art :). Dah ada idea, sebarkan. Nnti korg jgn lupa try kt runmah tau projek2 mnyelmtkn bumi tuh (besar je bunyinya mcm grand sgt!) Actually that's my mission. Save the earth and skrg da ada mission baru:-
1. Hiburkan org atau make people laugh
2. Kalau bole nk bgi tips kt sini psl UPSR tuh pun kalau ada prmintaan yg tinggi atau rayuan (dah lahh merepex jerr :P) Tgklahh dulu. Mision yg nie susah sikit sbb saya bukn pro cuma saya nak share ilmu dgn awk2 semua XD.

Okaylahh bye!
Mizz Bubblez :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Salam satu Malaysia!

Happy Thaipusam!!!

:) =) :D =D X) XD

Bye, assalamualaikum,
Mizz Bubblez =)

A home-made sponge frame made without sponge

Assalamualaikum and hi,

Ever thought how'd you make a sponge frame (alaa yg frame dye tuh drpd sponge pastu korg salut ehh balutt dgn kain tuhh :) ) without using a sponge.

You'll just need:-

1) OLD newspapers
2)a little bit of manila card, kalau boleh leftovers lahh brulahh kira recycle. Kalau nak gune kertas pun bolehh but MAYBE lembik lahh sikit
3)PVA glue
5)A picture. Any type of picture that u want to put in the frame. 


2)Scissors/paper cutter
4)Pencil or pen

Okay, camni nk buat dye:-

1)Take the picture and draw a rectangle, a circle, an oval or a square, blah...blah...blah... that fits the picture on the MANILA CARD then draw the outline of the frame and cut it like this:-

                                                  (this is the rectangle that fits the picture)
                                                  (The outline isn't drawn in this picture)

                                                               (Now this is outline)

2)Crumple the newspaper into newspaper balls then sellotape it to the manila card like this:-    

                                           (when you've finished, you'll get something like this :) )

3)Kalau dah penuh satu manila card, wait till it dry then buat papier-mache. Mcm biasalahh 2 layer. 1st layer newspaper, 2nd layer guna used A4 paper. Kalau nk lbih kms, 1st balut dulu the whole thing dgn newspaper or whatsoever then bru buat papier-mache-1st and 2nd layer.

                                           (lebih kemas method :P)

4) Wait till it dry and paint it as you wish. I'll teach you how to make a stand but that'd be another post. :D


Mungkin korg boring knn kalau kita asik wat art saya nk crita psl one of my trips nak x? tpi dsbbkn x bnyk followers, so... saya tangguhkan dulu. XD

Assalamualaikum and bye
Mizz Bubblez

Monday, January 17, 2011

My stationery holder / origami flower vase :D

  Assalamualaikum and hi,

I hope you're in pink health :). Well, saya nk tunjuk kat awk semua satu benda yg awk boleh buat guna botol solivite or nutrigen or vitagen and whatsoever lahh :p. 


1. OLD newspaper (jgn ambil yg baru org belum baca lgi dan mmbzir. Kan yg lama berlmbk)
2. Some paintbrushes
3. A used cup ( cwn2 krts lah slalunya)
4. Watercolour
5. Used paper (kalau boleh sblh brconteng sblh lgi x lah)
6. PVA glue
Okay, semua brg dah ada so mula2:-
1) Cover your workplace with the old newspapers then koyakkan plastic yg balut botol solivite tuh. 
2) Buat *papier-mache- carik2 newspaper tu smpi bsr mana yg awk suka kemudian salut carikkan2 tu dgn PVA glue brcmpur air. Let it dry. Bila dah kering, cover satu lgi layer papier-mache dgn A4 used paper yg tlh dicarik2. Let it dry.

                                              (It will look something like this)
                                        (bila dah buat 2nd layer it will look something like this)
3) Skrg, colour lahh botol tu dgn corak dan warna yg anda sukai :))))

                                          ( kemudian ltklahh stationery anda atau ltk bunga origami. kalau nk bunga  btul pun boleh. lgi cantikk XD))

 Awk semua boleh buat corak yg lebih cantik dari yang saya buat tuh. Saya punya buknnya cantik pun so x yah ikut. Kalau nk ikut tapi modify oklah :p. Maaflah kalau ada terkasar bahasa dan sbginya.  Sblum tuh, suka x blog nih? Hehe :p Peace!

Mizz Bubblez :D   Assalamualaikum

Sunday, January 16, 2011



I want to share a few simple ways to save the earth through art with you. :)) For example making interesting things from newspapers, cereal boxes and so on. I hope u'll love this blog :)


Hye guys!! and assalamualaikum,

Thanks for visiting my blog :)