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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shana! Ame! Leon! Sora! Ben!

Assalamualaikum and hiya,

Raya is just around the corner and Ramadhan's ending... Sad,isn't it? So this is the only chance left for us to make as much ibadah as we can. Selamat beribadah dan selamat berbuka puasa. Jgn puasa yangyok tau!

   As you can see the title is "Shana! Ame! Leon! Sora! Ben!" so I'll tell you what are they. They're cats!

Shana:-the mother
          -has shiny black fur.She's gorgeous fur you know.
          -very tame(always come and make a circle round me when she sees me
          -she's always hungry
          -very kind.Howdo I know she's kind? When my lil' cousin held and pressed her tail she didn't bite or  scratch 
Ame:-one of the cute lil' kittens
        -a little timid and afraid of people
        -very tame with people if you're a pro
        -loves to sleep on my lap
        -tanggungjawab aq
        -a brave one
        -loves to sleep on my lap
        -it'smy brother's job to take care of him/her (tanggungjawab dia la maksudnya)
Sora:-active, can't sit still
        -loves to sleep in the shoe rack 
        -sleeps like a log
        -tanggungjawab neighbour aq 
Ben:-active like Sora
       -tanggungjawab adik susuan aq(which is also my neighbour)
       -loves to sleep at the shoe rack

     Shana is pure black,Ame is black on the back till its front feet and white on the stomache, Leon looks kind of like Ame(people always confuse which is which). Sora and Ben is orange and brown but Sora is white on the stomach.I'll put their pictures if I have time.

     I really liked it when Shana came to my grandparent's house and gave birth to 4 cute and healthy kittens.I've always wanted to have cats as pets but my parents won't let me, so good thing Shana gave birth here and nobody shooed them away from our house. I never want them to be removed from my life and I hope that they'll always stay here. Shana is named from my name + my neighbour's name. That's why you might never heard that name before.Anyways, I think I'll saygood-bye to you.

Ok goodbye now,
Mizz Bubblez
See you later


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am FRUST !!!!!!!! Arghhhhh

Okay, I'm so stressed out now. oh yeah,I forgot:assalamualaikum and helllo world!
I'm frustrated@stressed coz:-

Reason number one :/
I got B in Science. I want 8As dude! Arghhh!!!

Reason number two:/
I'm stuck in a group with a cute and extremely kind girl, so far not so stress right? At least I have a good friend with me in our group....BUT!(I know, grammar's broken here but I guess it doesn't matter is it?) I have this annoying boy in our group and I'm totally annoyed to the extreme!!!!!! Oh, why did teacher put him into our group? Worse, there're only 3 persons I a group-so you know yourself. OMG!!! Okay, relax.... Everything will be fine. (If that's is going to happen but I hope it will be fine.

Reason number three:/
I've to conduct a Malay choral speaking when I've just entered ONLY ONE choral speaking. How could I do that? Trust myself. I could do this. Come on Bubblez!

Huh.... School is so tiring. So does being a monitor assistant. Wowweee I'd never thought form one would be like this. okay. I better start searching for infos for the group presentation and the choral speaking coz we have to prepare our very own text which must be handed on this Fridaaaaaaay!!!! Okay. I have to calm down I guess. Let's call it a post right now.

K bye
Mizz Bubblez (yg tgh serabutz niz hehez. Good thing I now have Shana, Ame, Sora, Leon and Ben. They make my head less miserable but I'll tell you bout that later. Talk with you later)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Right now

Assalamualaikum and hye,

I don't know what I'm feeling know. Some kind of regrets, sad, jealous, happy, feel like I want to read a book, anxious, fear and whatsoeverla. ( know I notice that I always write whatsoeverla )

I can explain one by one of it:-

Regrets *I don't know why this ramadhan I'm not changing to become a better person but it's never too late ; I can do it now.
Here are my goals: 1. Khatam al-quran
                                2. Get number one in this August test
                                3. Be better in chores and taking care of my siblings especially my new little sister(don't get me wrong that's because she'd just been born about a month ago so she needs more care).
Talking about care, I'd just seen this movie titled Tuesdays with Morrie. The movie is made based on a book and a real story. When I saw the movie, I cried. It was sad and full of moral values and whatsoeverla. Morrie, Mitch's lecture was dying and Mitch visited him every Tuesdays, he changed from being selfish and care about work more than everything else into a caring, kind and better man. Morrie said we have to love or die. It means that if we don't love it's just the same like dying. He said, if we want to forgive anyone, do it now don't wait coz it could have been too late by the time you did that. Okay. If you want to know more watch the movie or read the book.
                          Um, where was I? Oh, yeah, the goals.
                              4. Beribadah more
                              5. Use my head when I'm angry don't just be an angry bird :P
                              6. Okay, if I have more I'll list it later.

For me, Ramadhan is very special. We have to fast for a month (30days) which means we mustn't eat and drink and mustn't do anything that's forbidden during fasting from dawn(subuh) till dusk(maghrib) if I'm not wrong. My mami (aunt) said, for the first ten days, allah beri kita rahmat, for the second ten days, allah ampunkan dosa kita and for the lastt ten days, allah memberi kebebasan kepada kita daripada api neraka tapi kenalah ask for those things ye tuan2 puan2 bys, girls, babies, monsters kidding.

Okay la. my sister's cryin gotta pick her up

mizz bubblez