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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just toying around with words


You know,
Time flies,
Age adds up,
People changed,
New friends met,
Old friends keep in touch,
Old bestfriends building up a brick wall between them,
Old friends not getting along after meeting new ones,
That's life for me,
Sunshine lit up the dark parts of my life,
And the shadow darken the happy moments of life,
To test ourselves,
To toughen our hearts,
And balance life.

Have you ever felt?
The feeling of when someone hurts you but not purposely?
When someone took place where you're supposed to be?
Where you would feel belonged to?
When someone attracted all the atteniton that's supposed to be given to you?
The attention that you've been wanting for?
When someone gets more than you get but you're the one hoping for it?
Like when you're climbing up a mountain with bare hands to get a diamond
And someone came with a helicopter and took it before you do? 
When that someone distracted your bestfriend just to get you to hear what she wants to say?
Just for her own good and selfishness,
When you want to spend time with your distracted bestfriend,
When you don't hate that someone,
But you can't stand her,
And you don't want to hurt her,
But you can't avoid that someone,
What would you do?
What could be done?

It's a word that's meaning is too many too explain,
It could be the one who's just moved next to your house,
It could be the one who's nice at school,
It could be the beautiful girl next door,
It could be the bank robber,
It could be the one who broke your heart,
It could be the one you call an enemy,
It could be the one you call a stranger,
It could be the one that serves you at a cafe,
But the best someone is
The one that you love,
The one that had helped you,
The one that would share tears and laughter with you,
The one that would lend you an ear when you need one,
The one that would help you glue back the pieces of your heart if it ever breaks,
The one that would always be there when you need her/him,
The one that you're willing to do the same,
It could be the one that is called FRIEND.

   With confusion,hatred,love,sadness,happiness,unsatisfaction and etc.
Mizz Bubblez


Last Raya Aidiladha eve, when I was with my cousins Suraya and Hamzah stalking Hamzah's blog :P, (stalk dpn org :P. well, kita kenalah jujur kn)  Sakinah saw a mouse that ran under her chair. She told us there was a mouse and suddenly the whole room(which was filled with kids and teenagers) turned into a chaos. Amrul purposely said the mouse was her! and then there! and then the whole room screamed and tried to run.

I said enough and they stopped. We tried to shoo the mouse out of the room becuause we were afraid that it would bite us when we were asleep. It was dark-coloured and I think it's about as long as your hand.(p/s:not arm okay.)

The children told the adults but they ignored us so we took our own initiatives and took a broom to shove it out. It was under the bed at the moment. Hamzah tried to shove it out but then he shoved to hard so the broom slided under the bed no one was brave enough to take it out. I tried but I didn't know how to get it out. Lastly, we set up a mouse trap. And then, went to perform the prayer.

Next, I tried to take out the broom out again and successed. Then,  Pak Cik Din came to the rescue. He managed to get the mouse out but it ran to the back of a cupboard and dissapeared. My mum said it went to the roof and she said the mice must've made a hole behind the cupboard as a shortcut to get there.

Well, then I think that's all.

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If somebody is not listed. Sorry. :P

Yours Truly,
Mizz Bubblez