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Tuesday, June 12, 2012



Guys... Help me! SOS! I've got a biiiig trouble after-school today. I've just cleaned my rack and that's a good thing which well, pleases my aunt BUT I broke her apple USB!!!! Man! I've searched for mine but couldn't find it. I wanna give her my USB but it's mis,siiiing~ I'll buy another USB for her. +_+

P/S: I dunno why but my hands seems to always do bad things to cover the good things I'd done so people can't see the good ones. Does anyone has the cure.. : (


Good news - so far i've got 6 As. Another 2 to go! Pray for me. >.<

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Men In Black 3 & obsessions


MIB 3 really is cool and funny and I just love it! Watch it! I'm not gonna put a spoiler here so lets contonue to the next topic-obsession.

Hey, I've found these things in google image. I want them but dunno where to buy them. Who wants to buy it for me? My birthday is coming soon.. :P

A spongebob squarepants sneakers (without socks coz I've already got it. Grandma bought it for me)

OR a pair of spongebob flip flops

A spongebob t-shirt (obviously I just want to wear a pair of jeans and I want a less-fit shirt)

A specs case (I don't want the spectacles cause I like mine fine but its case is broken :P)

A spongebob geek bag

10 spongebob hairbands together with that keychain XD

OR these ones

A spongebob wallet


A spongebob watch? No, I love my Swatch too much. <3

A spongebob guitar??? I don't want a new guiar. I just want to repaint it. :P lol

A spongebob head beanie hat and scarf(if I ever go to any 4 seasoned country again)

And a spongebob plush toy (oops! I don't need this. I've already got this :P lol)

Okay.. Enough of this spongebob obsession.

Haha. Thanks for reading and good luck in everything.

Don't forget to scroll down. I've written 2 posts today kay.

     Mizz Han-Lien

Piz Zagamo Casambole'

Assalamualaikum and hye,

Sorry for not updatin' this blog as frequent as I should ya. I've got prayers to be done, quran to be recited, tests to do, 4 younger siblings to look after, a grandma in hospital and a tired Mizz Han-Lien to be relaxed. Oh ya, and a terrible self to be repaired and an electric guitar(which is having a current leakage) and a piano to be played and practised.

     Okay, Piz Zagamo Casambole' its a name for my siblings and my make-believe restaurant :p .
Don't blame me for being very childish. I've got 4 younger siblings who are all in kindergarten and elementary school so I can't be gossiping with them right? :P lol (but actually 2 of them sometimes gossip with each other. Haish! x patut..) We got that name from Salvatore Ferragamo actually. XD

     It's also my new monkey plush toy's name. Call it Amor for short(from Zagamo). Amor means darling in.. what language is it? Can't recall.

     Anyway, been spending this holiday with nothing good(except for when spending time with family). For the first time ever, I'm wanting to go to school right now. Maybe I can't take the stress. Well, I'm a like everyone else too and everyone has limit and everyone makes mistakes. Me three. Maybe I'm stress because I expect high from me but look down on me. Well, whatever. I'll reflect myself after this. Not now. Not when I'm blogging.

     Umm... what more.. hey, I went to a bookstore to buy a card-like note. I want to revise with it read it and I can't stand reading the history textbook. Anyways, those are just dreams. When I went there, the history notes are all finished!! Ugh! Hate it when I wanna study and then I don't have enough material. Fine. I'll just study with whatever that I have. Okay..

     Just frankly typing. Does visiting a psychiatrist effects people judgements on us for school and work? You know like the criterias.

     I'm still thinking about what I should be when I grow up. I'm someone who loves art soo much and loves science(as in biology)too. I'd love to have a career in the art field but I don't know if I'd like to be an architect or not. Oh, and I'd love to have a job that needs some qualifications. I mean, I wanna get a job that needs some effort and then love it too and about art. Yeah! That's it.