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Thursday, June 2, 2011

'The Moment'


          About a month ago, my friend and I had spent our most panicking and most probably my best moment at school. It all had started with my friend's carelessness. Hahha. I don't blame her fully. All of us aren't perfect, are we?

         While I and my friend, Miss World Ani ( were on our way to the school gate, she suddenly remembered that she'd left her purse in her class so we had to go back to her class which on the fourth level. It was a tiring journey, after she'd taken her purse, we went to the stairs and unluckily, the guard had locked the gate at the stairs between the first and the second floor.

         We were panicked. We called the guard . . . no answer , we called the guard again . . . still no answer. We called him a few more times but he didn't answer. We checked the other gates but they were all locked. We shouted , calling for the teachers nearby but they didn't hear us.

       Then, we saw a teacher in a car. We called him but he didn't hear us. Fortunately, there was  a boy near the teacher so we asked him to call the teacher. I felt relieved when the boy heard us and called the teacher. The teacher asked us to check all the gates. We said they were all locked. Suddenly, I felt a streak of regretion (does the word regretion even exists?) when we had just finished saying the last word of the sentence. But I didn't say a thing.

      The teacher asked us to wait for him there, I mean, where we were standing. While he was reversing his car before calling the guard, Ani and I ran to the gate which we hadn't checked earlier. IT WASN'T LOCKED!!!! We quickly told the teacher about it. We were so embarrassed. I hope the teacher didn't see our faces so he wouldn't remember us as the trapped girls when he sees us next time.

                                          One of the trapped girls(there are only 2 trapped girls at the moment I think)
Mizz Bubblez :)))

Trapped girls hahha ~ lol ~

Bruno Mars

Moshi moshi!~

Dah lama aku tak update blog ni kan? hrm... exam biasa laa... so- exam susah. Risau tapi tak kisahlah. Let bygones be bygones. Aku janji nak letak resepi kat blog sekali seminggu kot. Sekarang dah jadi sebulan sekali agaknya. Hehe :P

Ok, aku nak cakap fasal latest fav artist aku - BRUNO MARS

Sekarang ni aku tengah suka lagu Nothing on you version Bruno Mars solo(ada yang dengan B.O.B. sedap jugak tapi aku lagi selalu dengar yang Bruno solo)

Lagu Bruno yang first aku dengar ialah Just The Way You Are. Best! Time tu aku tak kenal dia pun, then asyik buka lagu tu and aku buka lagu lain. Then, terus suka lagu-lagu dia.

Antara video live dia yang best :-

Ok, some people said he's not handsome but I think he's cute and he reminds me of my a friend of mine. Rindu pulak kat kawan-kawan lama. Time darjah 4 rapat jugak, then makin lama makin berenggang. Form 1 pulak, semua dah teenager, situation dah lain.  I miss zaman kanak-kanak... macamlah I act like a teenager sangat. Ok, maybe sometimes. Dah la amende la aku merepek meraban ni. Sambung.

Lagi satu, Bruno Mars punya suara sedap, dia boleh nyanyi note tinggi and dia boleh mendalami dan menghayati lagu macam long distance tu. Sebenarnya, lagu long distance tu lagu Brandy, dia buat demo. Demo pun dia menghayati. Rasa sedih bila aku dengar lagu tu(sebab dia menghayati lagu). Sama gak ngan lagu talking to the moon (fav song).

Seriuosly, I'm wondering, am I talking to you about my fav artist? I mean, telling or writing. I could use this for my essay or speech in an oral test if I'll be having another oral test.

Oklah. Lagi banyak aku tulis, lagi banyak aku merepek.

                                                                                       Bruno Mars fan,
                                                  Mizz Bubblez <3