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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Men In Black 3 & obsessions


MIB 3 really is cool and funny and I just love it! Watch it! I'm not gonna put a spoiler here so lets contonue to the next topic-obsession.

Hey, I've found these things in google image. I want them but dunno where to buy them. Who wants to buy it for me? My birthday is coming soon.. :P

A spongebob squarepants sneakers (without socks coz I've already got it. Grandma bought it for me)

OR a pair of spongebob flip flops

A spongebob t-shirt (obviously I just want to wear a pair of jeans and I want a less-fit shirt)

A specs case (I don't want the spectacles cause I like mine fine but its case is broken :P)

A spongebob geek bag

10 spongebob hairbands together with that keychain XD

OR these ones

A spongebob wallet


A spongebob watch? No, I love my Swatch too much. <3

A spongebob guitar??? I don't want a new guiar. I just want to repaint it. :P lol

A spongebob head beanie hat and scarf(if I ever go to any 4 seasoned country again)

And a spongebob plush toy (oops! I don't need this. I've already got this :P lol)

Okay.. Enough of this spongebob obsession.

Haha. Thanks for reading and good luck in everything.

Don't forget to scroll down. I've written 2 posts today kay.

     Mizz Han-Lien

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