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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm BZ but I dont wanna do my work now


Long time no see. I've got mountains of work to do. I've got a scrapbook to be hand out on 04.27.12 and I'd just done the objectives, and other easy works. I still have to capture some shots of the school buildings. Sigh ~~

Lately, I've been listening to Avril. Actually, it's because I'd typed random words on youtube like I Love You or I Miss You and BAM! I saw Avril so, I heard them and liked them. :P LOL.

I think, this year is the hardest year I've ever felt. I've to get straight As and I really,badly,terribly missing my old friends especially the ones that I haven't seen and haven't talked to for months. Guys, if you are reading this blog and you're my old friend I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! I wanna stay at elementary school because that's the best time of my life.

Well, I'd better be finishing my project. Bye guys. Thanks for visiting. I wanna play my guitar tonight.. I miss my guitar and I wanna play Avril Lavigne- I Love You and Slipped Away. Yay!

Kbye, with Love,
Mizz Han-Lien

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